Hal Mosher and Allen Pitman

Hal Mosher and Allen Pittman have synthesized their knowledge of the body and martial arts into a course of study for the serious martial arts practitioner.

Their intent is to give the practitioners the conditioning and the two person application training common to all martial arts in order to create the next generation of martial artists.

They have taken many of the formalities and the forms common in many systems as a way to focus on what is important: the targets’ angles and insertions.

2010 Workshop Dates

  • January 16- 18
  • May 29 – June 1
  • September 4 – 6
  • November 26-28
Workshops are 8 hour days with a 2 hour break for lunch.
$250 for one, or all four for $900 (with a certificate given at the end of all four workshops completed)
Students will be tested for knowledge gained and training booklets will be given at the beginning of each workshop.
2010 Registration Form (PDF)