Allen Pittman PhotoAllen Pittman is a master of arms and of tactical internal martial arts. He is a highly skilled teacher, scholar and therapist with more than 30 years experience in eastern and western physical systems, yogas and traditional therapies. He has written several books and numerous articles and also produces educational DVDs. He founded Physical Training Traditions (PTT) in 1985 and has served as bodyguard to H.H. the Dalai Lama, Andrew Young and Ralph Nader to name a few…

He and Victoire have developed The Wisdom of the Body which encompasses yoga, martial arts, simple gymnastics and the developmental stages of the human being.

Hal Mosher PhotoHal Mosher has been teaching martial arts for over 25 years. His teachers include: Robert Smith (Maryland), Ben Lo (San Francisco), Allen Pittman (Atlanta), Liu Hsi Heng (Taiwan), Mr. Huang (Taiwan), and Mr. Jou (Taiwan)His intends for his students to develop body awareness and through that mindfulness, develop a deep sense of the nature of their minds. He teaches the forms traditionally without any omissions.

He has also been studying Buddhism under several teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Buddhist Studies have added a whole wealth of knowledge to my teaching methods in the martial arts. He has also studied the following healing techniques: Swedish massage, Thai, Tui Na, energy healing, Reiki, healing touch and energy bone manipulation.